No problem but still not group solid

Okay guys so ive been working on this model and although solid inspector sees no visible problems it still does not group as a solid group. I want this model to be used for 3D printing.narrow boat.skp (567.0 KB) Would anyone be able to help??

It looks like you need to start looking through the model. Solid Inspector is good but not perfect.

I found a few internal faces right way at the stern that need to go. The faces of the rudder post need to be trimmed too. It would be better if you shift the rudder post out a little to provide a gap between the post and the transom.

There may be more but those popped out immediately.

There’s also a gap between the transom and the top rudder post support that needs to be fixed.

As it turned out. All of the problems are there around the rudder post and the top plate. After fixing all of that stuff not only is Solid Inspector happy, SketchUp also reports it as solid.


Thank you so much for your help Dave, really appreciate it. Will use your feedback now to rectify the error :slight_smile:

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You’re quite welcome. Good luck with it and with getting it printed.

Required payment: Post a picture of the finished printed model along with an image of your SketchUp model in the Gallery section. That sort of stuff is always cool to see.

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Definitely will do, the narrow boat is a small part of my university project, currently studying masters of architecture and will be designing a micro community for boat dwellers. The 3d printed narrow boat will be a part of my larger 3d printed model of my project. :slight_smile:

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That sounds like a neat project. I’ve been following a few narrowboaters on YouTube. It seems like a nice way to spend your time but I’d like a marina with services, too.

Here in the UK, the narrowboat equivalent to a marina with services is called a pub.

I had a narrowboat holiday once. If I told you the highlight was coming across a hardware shop that was unironically called S&M Supplies you’ll get an idea of how entertaining it was. I tried to liven things up by attaching a rope and some water skis but it didn’t really work - more like ploughing water.