NO longer signed to all 3 sites?

It used to be we’d be signed into 3 sites at once.

3DW, EW and the Forums.

I was logged into 3DW, and I switched to the Forums, and I was not logged in. I had to sign in separately.
And I had to sign out of 3DW separately.

I never got an answer here.

I am not sure why this is happening. There could just be a time out from your computer? Or when/if you cleared cache/stored information? You can still sign into all of them easily - and with the same login credentials correct?

@Barry any insight?

Well, it is working correct today. Perhaps when it did not (19 days ago,) there was some maintenance going on ?

SO… things are back to normal.

What I was wondering was if there was change because there used to be 3 icons on the login wait screen, now there is only one. So I thought perhaps there was a change.

Yes, but did you look at the pretty, animated one circle? We have a new UI/UX person, who did a nice job on the animated SketchUp logo circle. :slight_smile:

Yes, there can be restarts on different properties… but I’m a little surprised you had to log out of one to get into another. Glad it’s working now.


Yes I saw the new SketchUp logo levels climbing and falling.

OK I spoke too soon.

Today after the EW maintenance, I am signed into the forums and 3DW, but not the EW.

Is this because the site was down after I was logged in ? And I’d need to log out and back in to be signed in to all 3 again ?

If so, this is likely what happened last time. Juts one of the 3 sites got “out of log sync”.