No Live Stream Today

I know… it’s April 1st so everyone is expecting a joke, but Tyson is sick today, so we will be cancelling our live stream. Assuming he is all healthy and feeling well, we will resume weekly live streams next week (April 8th).

Have a great weekend and I hope you join us next week!

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Get well soon Tyson!!

I know you acknowledged that it’s April fools day but is this a double bluff and Tyson isn’t really sick? Or is he? How can we be sure either way? Confusion reigns all because of the date!!!

Get well quicklyTyson I sincerely hope it’s nothing serious.

“All Cretans are liars” said Epimenides from Crete.
Get well, Tyson!

Get well soon @TysonK !

Thanks all, can confirm that there are no fun April fools pranks going on here, just a lot of sipping hot tea. Hope y’all have a great weekend!


Get well soon.

I hope you are doing well now Tyson. Looking forward to the next live ‘un! Cheers, Transom