No licence file & viewing info

HI I have been sent a file in Sketchup, and need to document in Revit.
I am really impressed with the speed and portability of Sketch up, used in conjunction with Kubity viewer.
My only concern, is that my trial has run out with sketch up, and if i turn off my machine… I wont be able to access the original file. Are there any viewers which allow me to “measure” the original file to document?
Failing that I will have to purchase Sketch up. In saying that it looks a lot more fluid, and easier to get a great result in minimum time… Most programs I use are clunky- To get a good render in Revit for example would take me half a day fooling around with lights. I have other options, so dont really need another program, but maybe its the only way?

From what you say, it sounds like your best bet is to go ahead and get the subscription to SketchUp. Then you can take all the measurements you need and depending on the use, pull other info out of the model. There is a viewer connected with Trimble Connect but it’s designed to allow someone who has a Trimble Connect account to be able to share a model with someone else without giving them the ability to edit it. That viewer has a measuring tool.

Yes, probably a good idea… I just restarted my machine, and its much happier after running the last 5 days… It looks like its really pretty good value, and just from looking around the model sent to me, its really efficient, and looks pretty good to get a quick visual.
I have it now in Cad, and got a super fast machine, but it just chugs…

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