No items to make 2D/3D

While working in Dibac I get the above error message. If I create a 2D geometry object such as a squared wall and select it to make a group it will convert to 3D perfectly. While in 3D I add a squared box to one one of the walls, select all the geometry and create a group and then hit the Convert to 2D/3D button I get the monkey screech and the message: No items to make 2D/3D.
Am using the latest versions of SketchUp Pro and Dibac.

Thanks for your help.


Are you opening the initial group for editing?

Thanks for your reply.
I do not think I’ve been opening the initial group for editing.
Not sure I understand the difference between editing and exploding a group.


Consider a group as a container for the entities (edges and faces) within. Editing the group is opening the container so you can access the edges and faces. Exploding is removing the container and throwing it away leaving the edges and faces loose in the model space.


Could you tell me under which circumstance would I use editing vs of a


Dibac will only convert groups which contain ‘loose’ geometry ( edges and faces ) and dibac-converted components like doors windows etc. The added box you drew is outside the (first) dibac group. The two groups now reside in a new group and has thus entities which dibac doesn’t recognize.
For better understanding how extensions work, you would have to learn a bit how SketchUp works:

I don’t understand your question.

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