No, I'm not an architect

This house reminds me of the house I grew up in.

Playing off of the horizontal lines of the house roof / porch:

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Something like this. I guessed at … well…everything but you get the idea. If you turn on the roof returns on your medeek truss for the front roof section you might like that better than the “Bird Boxes” I took the return and stretched it across to make the eyebrow.

Here it is with just the returns.


My 2cents: break-up the tall facade with a trellis supported by wood brackets…

It adds an element that’s easy to build and doesn’t complicate your roof geometry while providing detail and depth with its shadow. Another suggestion is to make the window taller and match the window type/style from the existing house. Lastly, perhaps omit the boxed eave detail – it makes it look chunky and is not present on (nor is it complementary to) the existing house.

Whichever way this project develops, keep us updated – it’s really cool to see the juxtapositions of your SketchUp models with the construction progress (just like your previous project). Best regards.


Out of curiosity, how long do you seasoned sketchers think it would take you to model and document this project? I want to figure out if I’m slow :crazy_face:

I suppose I shouldn’t be super surprised that I haven’t gotten an answer. But in total, the first design took me about 30 hours. The change order has cost me about 10 so far, so 40 hours so far.

I bet if you had another similar project you would get it done faster. I find I can have nearly as much time rendering as in modeling. Seems like I fuss a lot with renders, but I dont do a lot of them because people dont want to pay for them. I usually do a simple render and offer a price for interior and more elaborate renders. Im not going to comment on how much time it should take. At the end of a project we all want to have made a decent wage. Im usually over on my estimated hours but I have to quote a price thats within the market. I do quote a fixed price and include revisions (not major changes after the design is set) I have customers that gave up on other designers because they were tired of being charged for every little thing! You do very nice work and pay attention to detail. You should be proud of what you have done.



depend. is the project done ? or is it evolving as you model it ?
creating stuff as you model it in 3d takes more time than simply modelling from existing / plans.
Give the final plans to someone using Medeek’s tools and they’ll be done in a few hours. but actual conception takes more time, especially over several weeks.

there were jobs I did where I helped the architects on the “rough conception” phase, making volumes and checking broad ideas, it could take 8-10h and be filled with tiny mistakes. At the end I would take a couple hours to remake everything proper, because this time it was simply about modelling.

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Exactly the what happened to me.

Janky ball pen sketch on paper from builder.
Rough massing.
Building it out proper.
Document sent out for city approval.
Major changes…