NO hex or ? sides in CIR?

Irrelevant what digit is entered, (in immediate box); shape remains Round ??

What am I doing wrong?

For a Circle, during the entity’s creation type
e.g. 6s >>> 6 sides ?
Note the ‘s’ after the number.
OR if immediately in the tool type the sides [e.g. 6+enter] initially…

OR if you really want a ‘Polygon’ then use the appropriate tool and then enter 6s etc…

Alternatively after making the entity, select it then use Entity Info and type the number of segments/sides you’d like…


Thank you for the reply, but; NEITHER one work ?

Select the polygon (or circle) tool. Before doing anything else, enter the number of sides in the dimension box, and tap the ENTER key. Then, click and drag to draw the shape.


Thank you for the ‘entity info’ tip … I’ll used it now!

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