No document to UI::ActionCallbackContext

dear all.

Is there anyone who knows what’s happening?

there is no any document to UI::ActionCallbackContext

Here is the URL:

what’s going on?

Usually it means there is no developer usable features of this class, module or object,… (ie, any features are reserved for internal API or Trimble use.)

It would be nice if the docs at the least say something to that effect, wouldn’t it ?

BTW, the issue tracker for the new YARD-based Ruby API documentation, is here:

Thanks a lot

Yea, the docs for that one slipped through the cracks. That class is a placeholder for a feature that didn’t make it for the initial release. But we needed it in place to avoid making breaking changes when it’s implemented.

I’m filing an issue to have this updated.

Hehe, beat ya’ to it. :wink:

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