No connection message for Instant Architect plugin

Just used Instant Architect to check my internet connection and I get this message

Instant Architect was working ok a week or so ago. Just wondering what could of changed since?
I checked connection in ruby console = true. Left it open while running Instant RoofNui and Instant Window/Door and nothing happens in either SU or ruby console. My IE settings are on Medium as are my Firewall setting. SketchUp is not blocked. Can’t figure it out.

You should also contact the plugin developer with this inquiry as the issue is specific to the plugin.

I contacted Chuck Vali and Instant Architect is working again. Connection is good. Thanks to Chuck for such a prompt fix as always. Legend. Wouldn’t be surprised if server issues due to hurricanes, earthquakes, or maybe a lousy National Broadband Network (NBN) like we have here in Australia…who knows these days.

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