No authentication Code

Hi there, I don’t get a authentification e-Mail to verify me for my sign up. I wrote a ticket to the support with the answer, the technical support is only available for license holders and I should try it with the forum, so here I am!

The e-Mail works, because the e-mail for password reset arrived in the spam-ordner, so here are the things i tried.

  • new password
  • diffrent browser and incognito
  • deleted all my browser history, cookies, chache
  • checked the spamordner
  • no caps lock
  • e-mail and pw are spelling correct

So what can I do? Thank you for the help.

There is no authentication code. LIcensing is managed via the Web. You just sign in with the e-mail your subscription is assigned to.
(you have been probably reading old instructions relating to “classic” licenses that haven’t been available for some years)

The contact page to tell them that you don’t get an authentication email would be this one:

You don’t need to have a license to use that page.

Do you use a 365 account?
Sometimes, Microsoft doesn’t even pass ‘spam’ towards the enduser’s email box.
If so, I would suggest creating a new (gmail) email account and forget about the M365…

Hey Anssi, thanks for the quick answer.
what’s the correct link for the login? over this link in sign in after e-mail and pw, it asked for this code Free 3D Modeling Software | 3D Design Online | SketchUp Free Subscription

sketchup 3

hey colin, this was the exact site i wrote my ticket (via help / contact us / customer support). The answer was from a “prosupport@” mail. Should I try again?

Hey Mike, It’s not a 365 account. I worked to much for a new account- or is switching the project to the new account possible?

Have you turned on and setup Multifactor authentication?
Is ‘anwendung’ refering to an app?

Maybe, adding ‘’ to your list of contacts works…

There are two pages, one that is contact-support/billing-question and one that is contact-support/techincal-question. The technical question one would have replies that are prosupport, and you would need to have a subscription or a Classic license to get replies from there. The billing-question one is mainly intended for billing questions, but it can work as a general support request as well.

I don’t know of a better option if you are having problems with signing in, because to get through to technical support would need your sign in to be working.

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