Nikola One hydrogen truck model

I am just a beginner so i am looking for someone who like to make models for free…

I really would like a good model of the exterior of the Nikola One hydrogen truck*

Many many thanx

Maybe you should learn to use SketchUp and draw it yourself. Or offer to hire someone to model it for you.

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I am learning the program… Hiring at this moment is not a option. Maybe in a few months

Since you’re posting in this section of the forum , asking to do some modelling for free, I preassume you are willimg to collaborate ?
So , beside the google-link , what is it for and what’s your contrabution to this topic ?
Can you use it for solving global climate change ?
By sharing your efforts in trying to model it yourself , you will acomplish two things : you will help those who are encountering simular problems with modelling and , best of all, you will learn to fish

I am not working for Nikola if you think… I like there idea and i would like to use that model within my own new concept.
That part i really can not tell… Only to person that is willing to sign a NDA contract…

I am working on something new…

Yes i am very willing to build to model meself… But then i really need a lot of help… by answering a lot of beginners questions.

kind regards

So it maybe that Nikola already has a 3D model in some format, you could try contacting them and try to import it in SketchUp ?
Or you could search the 3D warehouse for trucks that look similar and then try to modify to your liking.
Main thing is : What is it for ? Are you trying to make a animation with the model ? How much detail ?
You can draw a simple box and apply a photo as texture on it and, in a city plan overview , no one will notice .

Yes Nikola already has a 3D model but ofcourse they will not share it. Due to all there technologie.
I already been in contact with them :
There answer "
I spoke with management, unfortunately we can not supply you with any of our drawings of the Nikola one.
We are a small company that is rapidly growing, and can only take on so many projects at once.|

Yes i am going to make a animation but doesnoy have to mutch detail… Because it is just a part of a new concept…

Thanx for the tip about the photo…