Newly purchased license cannot sign in to SKP app

I’m making this post on behalf of a client I work with who is less tech savvy.
The client uses a mac (which I’m a pc guy so not familiar with macs). The client just purchased SKP2022 and is able to login to the trimble account in Chrome. My understanding is the client was using the free version prior to yesterday. The user is NOT able to get the skp app itself to recognize the successful browser login.

When the user tries to open the current SKP2022, the user sees this welcome screen “we are experiencing technical difficulties.” with only an option for classic license at that bottom right.

Clicking on the classic license gives the option of both subscription plan and classic license at top. Clicking on subscription plan, I believe (if I recall correctly) simply kicks back to the Chrome browser for login. Logging in -In chrome successfully never kicks this back to the SKP app itself and the client upon subsequent restarting of the SKP app never recognizes the browser login and always responds with the same “we are experiencing tech difficulties” welcome screen.

We have tried restarting the machine, logging into the browser prior to opening SKP, opening SKP first then logging into the browser, Logging in to Trimble via the safari browser and none of these options were successful.
I have not tried clearing the cache in Chrome (I don’t want the client losing non related things).

In chrome, the user is successfully is able to login and sees appropriate file shares etcetera of what one should see in browser.

Please advise.

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