Newbie using Old + New Tutes = What am I missing?

Hey there. I want to make a model of the Tampa General Hospital campus to use with or instead of Google Earth Studio.
I imported two existing models from the warehouse and inserted one into the other:

Following tutorials – one new and another from back when it was called “Building Maker” I’m trying to Add and Grab a location for those missing buildings. I don’t see anything that looks like dragging a cube onto a building thingy as shown in a “Google Building Maker” YouTube tute from 2009. This is my first post so I can’t include another screenshot or two I think would be helpful.
The most I’ve gotten is a red rectangle around the gray shape (footprint of the USF Health building) of one of the buildings I want to create. What am I doing incorrectly or not doing at all?
Thanks in advance.

Other can correct me but I don’t think Google had had Building Maker running for years now.

SketchUp is now owned by Trimble and does not have access to any part of Google services (including Google Map data). You are probably best off watching our up-to-date training materials over here:

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It does sound like you are mixing up your applications. This is SketchUp, not Building Maker. There’s no point in following tutorials for Building Maker since it’s not even close to the same application. SketchUp was never called Building Maker either.

As Aaron said, you should be following SketchUp tutorials instead.

The red rectangle indicates the group containing the map is locked.

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Feeling sure that Aaron meant that SketchUp is now owned by Trimble, a much less recursive statement.

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