Newbie question: How to Load 3D Models into SketchUp 2014?


Hi there guys,

Recently I’ve just installed Sketchup 2014, and started using it yesterday.

However, I have a little issue with placing 3D models in Sketchup. I’ve gone through many faqs and tutorials, most of them can load the model after download it from 3D warehouse.

It supposed to show the model once downloaded, yet mine was shown with moving tool and dot. I tried open up new window, copy and paste the model into my work, and it doesn’t work too.

Is there any way to let me load 3D models after downloaded the item? Or is it any bug or something that I can’t view the models in my work?

Thank You. Would really appreciate your help :smile:


It sounds like the model is bigger than the viewport so you are only seeing the insertion point of the model, and it is attached to the cursor.
If you click anywhere on the screen it should place the model. Then click Zoom Extents and it should zoom out to show you the full model.


Agreed. A lot of people who upload models dont pay attention to scale and this happens frequently.