Newbie Q: Hole through side of a pipe


Okay, I know how to make the pipe and make a solid cylinder perpendicular to the pipe so that when I “move” it through the pipe and then I can “intersect”, but how do I align the solid cylinder exactly perpendicular to the pipe at a precise distant ?


Could you describe the pipe as a cylinder? If so, you could make the pipe, group it, copy, paste in place, move tool rotate the duplicate 90 degrees, scale the duplicate to the right size, explode everything, and intersect with model.

All of those steps only take a few seconds, and I imagine there may be an easier way! It does show up by the way that Alt Move does not do a duplicate when rotating the object.

If you do the above steps, make sure to press the right modifier keys so that the scale is uniform around the center of the pipe duplicate.


ps. If you just wanted a hole in one side of the pipe, do another Move on the right axis before doing the explode intersect steps, so that the duplicate doesn’t pass all the way through the original.


Turn on Hidden Geometry so you can see the all geometry you’re working with.
View > Hidden Geometry

Use Inference Locking and keyboard entry to control the move operations.

Don’t try to make the move in one operation.
Move sequentially along each axis to position the part.

Inference Locking

Move Tool


I understand what you are saying, but the hole (second cylinder) is much smaller diameter than the first.


post your skp or a screen shot so we can advise more specifically…


Inference locking was the hint I needed !

I pulled a line off of the side of the pipe along the green axis. Put a circle on the end and then removed the line. I used the rotate tool to align the circle with the blue axis. Push/pull, intersect with model, some erase/delete and this what I have.