Newbie dormer question

I am modeling a dormer on a roof. How do I slice the dormer rafters at the roof angle? How do I make a cutout in the oblique plane that is the roof? Thanks for your help!

Boolean operations would be the easiest way to do this, not sure if SU make has the SU solid tools availalble? (dont think so), but I think Booltools might work? (the plugin says it works with SU Make).
To begin, you can make your roof a group and make your dormer shape/hole another group. position the dormer group so that it intersects the roof, select both groups and context click to “intersect” selection/model, then delete the parts you no longer need. . That will give you the geometry for the hole and the dormer… As for all the rafters, while this could be done manually, the solid tools or boolean operations “could” be more efficient. Alternatively, you can make just one rafter with the angled cut and duplicate/copy it ( I would make as a “component” which would allow you to modify all instances of it by editing one. rafters can finish with different cut lines, so draw your line on the rafter where you want the cut and use the “push pull” tool to trim off the end.

Also I would “google” sketchup dormer ( e.g [] ) to show approaches, then you need to apply that to the limitations of SU make - if there are any.

Three good suggestions! Thanks. That is helpful. I will get to work on those ideas.

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