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Greetings…I’m pretty new around here, corner bar seems right.
I do medium to intense models most under 100 MB, better now at managing my approaches and keeping organized.
Have my basic Win7 64 bit AMD Athlon ll / Nvidia GT 620, works quite well.
I am crossing my fingers that My New MSI workstation WE62 7RJ-1833US (WIN 10PRO) will like playing with “SUp” Pro 2017, this laptop also needs to handle the likes of Solidworks, Rhino…in the field.
I will find out if the Nvidia Quadro M2200 card was a wise choice for the bunch !
as well as the 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i7…the workstation shows up in 2 days.
When looking at the specs…It kind of appears as a list of compromises, but I hope will do well with all concerned.
Wish I knew how to get rid of the bloatware that is coming with the MSI/WIN 10
Anyway… I’m excited CHEERS Roto


If you had asked here first (or done a forum search,) we’d have told you to save your money and get a high end GTX GeForce card instead.

And we always recommend this, the higher the clock speed the better. (Sketchup will only use 1 of the cores, but rendering software can use multicore.)

Also, the more system RAM the better for working with larger models. A SSD for loading speed.


Thnx Dan for the reply

Yep I searched the forum. included is great info as to what works best or well with SU.
When I looked at what will also work well with Solidworks for example…I think I can benefit from the Quadro.
When looking into it, Quadros were recommended for Solidworks, While I am pretty confident that the Quadro M2200
will do quite well with SU, the money was spent for a picture including The beast Solidworks.
I should do OK with 32GB memory and 512GB SSD and 3.8 boost in SU pro 2017.
Though I understand the single thread, my trust that the Nvidia Quadro M2200HQ shines, is my personal “MSI workstation” crapshoot.

Model: WE62 7RJ-1833US
SKU: 5807103

•Windows 10 Pro
•NVIDIA Quadro M2200 4GB dedicated graphics
•Technical details: 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor; 15.6" display; 32GB memory; 512GB solid-state drive

Thank you Dan for your time and input… I will post if things get interesting. I plug her in tomorrow.


So…this machine did a great job with a presentation last week. 6 SU models, (largest was 114MB) shaded with textures,
Zoom, Hide, Orbit…no hesitations. Sure, not a huge demand upon the hardware, but I was glad to go mobile successfully.
(BTW being Plugged into their 10 foot display falls into step with the 200 coolest things I have done with a brain.)
At home, it out performs the AMD Athlon II / Nvidia GT 620(which works quite well).but no one is surprised methinks.
Next week we will see if Solidworks runs fluid.


High End Video Card Chart


All the cards I currently use with SketchUp without worries fall below the whole chart or are on the slowest quarter!



[quote=“Anssi, post:6, topic:42994”]…without worries fall below the whole chart or are on the slowest quarter!

this doesn’t mean that configuring a new system somebody want’s to choose from the assortment of your slow cards.

performance is the issue, not worries… a GTX 1050Ti is roughly 120 bucks, therefore no need to choose someting sub-par being a handful bucks cheaper.


it would be nice to “configure a new system” and choose …swimming through off the shelf specs is what it is.
I was a bit concerned with a Laptop/ windows 10 / SU pro2017 mix… but this works great, really great. ONE thing…my
monochromes are windows10 beige. weird but pleasant.
I’d say Anssi won that thumb wrestle…


Nothing to do with my laptop but you folks can be a bit confusing. I have read So much of SU’s demand is more on the processor…while So many Nvidia cards seem to work well…Sure nothing is so simple.
Perhaps you configure systems, I appreciate those insights.


[quote=“ROTOMOULDS, post:8, topic:42994, full:true”]…a Laptop/ windows 10 / SU pro2017 mix… but this works great, really great.
I’d say Anssi won that thumb wrestle…[/quote]

why should this config not work, I’m not sure what you’re talking of…


[quote=“ROTOMOULDS, post:9, topic:42994”]…SU’s demand is more on the processor…

right, more on the CPU for modeling operations but for a balanced system a fast and reliable 3D display output processed by a reasonable GPU with a mature OpenGL support is required too.


Yes, yes. Of course if I was shopping for a new computer I would look for a higher spec than what I have now. But reliability is still high on my priorities. Most modelling performance bottlenecks sit out there staring at the monitor and a botched down model is impossible to fix by switching graphics cards.



Just that I have read here of Windows 10 and laptop problems,… SU2017 and windows 10 problems, driver updates and roll backs for example… I am rarely in the mood for troubleshooting nor am I very good at it. Lots of folks holding back on the Win 10 leap.


sure, but this is not the topic of this thread.

Besides of this, if reliability is requested neither AMD Radeons nor integrated graphics subsystems are recommendable.


SU 2017 and Windows 10 are in general problem free.

With the latest Windows 10 ‘Creators Update’ and in connection with several older nVidia GeForce graphics card models the latest version of the nVidia GeForce driver needs to be used.


Thank you, Yes it seems that is very true for this workstation, and what I ask of it. (50 to 150 MB models)


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