New Windows Laptop Recommendations

Currently using a Microsoft Surface Pro, but its starting to lag on larger files. Looking for recommendations for a new laptop that won’t hold me back. Prefer under $1k usd. tia

Under $1000? You might be hard pressed for a new one. $1500 to $2500 seems to be the norm these days for decent amount of RAM and a good graphics card.

I went with a Surface Book 2 with 16 gigs of RAM and a NVIDIA card…was $2300…wish I would have waited for the Surface Book3 and 32 gigs but…such is life…

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Beyond the good graphics card, what is the limiting factor? RAM?

By “limiting” I mean what holds back Sketchup

Looking at what is available at a seller in our parts I see several “gaming” laptop models from Lenovo, HP and Asus with an i5-10300H CPU and GeForce GTX 1650 GPU at under 1000€ . Computers might still be a bit cheaper in the USA. Depending on the meaning of “larger” models, they would possibly run SketchUp quite OK.