New Version Frustrations

For all of the great progress Sketchup has made over the years, there are still some issues that I can’t believe have not been resolved.

  1. Of the first 10 or so times I have opened Layout since upgrading to 2021, it has crashed on load 3 times. Crashing on load is a problem I have had for many versions on many machines. This should be long behind up by now.
  2. The inability to automatically move plugins, settings, preferences, etc… This seems like upgrade 101.
  3. The Add Location window still only loads properly about 75% of the time for me. Closing and reopening works usually.
  4. Window location persistence, especially for tool windows, is horrible. A tool location system like Adobe Premiere Pro would be great. This is doubly frustrating when using a laptop and moving between different locations with different external monitor situations.
  5. Speaking of persistence… In Layout, the Save As dialog should have a persistent folder location and distinct from the Export As dialog. If you export a file, the Save As window will default to the last folder you exported a file to. That’s not good for my workflow at all.

Before I lodge my last complaint with the 2021 update, I want to reiterate that Sketchup is awesome and the continued improvement and support has been great (save for a little licensing issue I had with the new subscription service). I really like how new features are rolled out like little surprises. We have had some hiccups over time (Add Location Imagery comes to mind), but overall Sketchup is still a tool I use daily and love how it continues to support my mission.

My last complaint - sorry all, but the new logos suck. I can hardly tell apart the Sketchup and Layout logos when alt-tabbing. I get what was trying to be accomplished, but I just need it to be functional, not fun. Gimme something. A little color, or some other greater distinction.

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