New Update to Sketchup Messes with List Bullet Sizes

This might be a SketchUp or a Bluebeam Revu thing, but it seems as after updating to Sketchup 21.1.299 that the list bullets are now blown up way out of scale. Both of these lists have the same size fount assigned to them. See below.

After Updating to Sketchup 21.1.299

Before Updating to the new version.

It also seems to have affected the line work scale but I am still working through that. Uninstalling 21.1.299 and reverting back to the older version fixed the list issue.

Is there anything I ma doing wrong that would fix these oversized list bullets in the newer version?

This is in LayOut and it has been mentioned in several other threads. Hopefully there will be a fix for it soon.

It’s a sketchup bug.

To get around it you have to replace the TAB with spaces. TAB characters seem to cause the problem.

Or you can try to Print to PDF instead of Export, if that works for you.

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Thanks for the quick responses. I will just go back to the old version for now.

At least I know this is something I cannot fix myself without changing all my tabs to spaces which I do not want to do at this time.

You may be able to downsave to SketchUp 2020 then open it in LayOut 2020?
Not sure as I havent tried it, but it could be eaiser than reverting from SU2021 to SU2020.

Luckily I still had the original version of Sketchup 21 in my downloads folder. I uninstalled the new version and reinstalled the original version of 21. Everything seems to be working ok. I also noticed that the new version of 21 also shrank some text.

I guess that is what I get with being an early adopter of something new. Frustrating to try to fix something that worked perfectly well before. Although I have programed in the past and code is a finicky thing and why I quit doing it.

So you know from experience that a fix to one part of the code can have unintended consequences elsewhere.

Yes. I am not happy about the extra work I have to do, but it is why I will cut them some slack.

Unless you have done coding, you do not realize how difficult it is.

…and it’s fun (if you don’t make a living from it. :wink: )

The release notes stated indented text was fixed in v299 ? (i’ve not tried it yet)

Is this a different issue?

I had quite a few issues with the new update. Layer scales when showing dashed lines, text size, and list (number/letter bullet) issues. I would avoid the update if you are not having issues. Just my opinion.

Dashed lines that I specified in layout as being dashed did not PDF print as dashed. They were solid.

I am back in the old AutoCAD days when if your LT scale was off the dashed lines did not print as dashed but as solid.

Indented text was fixed. I just noticed today the issue with Lists and bullet points. Unfortunately for me it was when referencing a permit set I had already submitted… Very frustrating…


If you can revert back to the previous version (before update). It fixes everything with minor inconvenience. Sorry it was after the permit set submittal.

Pretty big error to miss. Sketchup is still better than AutoCAD!!!

Yeah I just finished replotting all affected sheets and supplementing/begging for forgiveness What an embarrassment…

Sketchup better than AutoCAD? Yes, I agree. Layout however, not even in the same ball park. Layout is a program better suited for “desktop publishing” than technical documentation…