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Best practice for loading 3D topo/terrain for exporting to AGi32.


Enlighten us @Flash1
What are you contemplating ‘loading’ into SketchUp?


I am primarily a lighting designer using AGi32. When reading AGi32 forums it has been suggested that sketchUp was a way to pump up the model. That being said I would like to import a 3D map of a College Campus that is on hilly terrain to be able to light the walks, parking lots and streets and if possible show shadows.


Just to get on the right track @Flash1.

• Do you wish to create the ‘3D map’ in SketchUp?
• Do you have a 3D model in hand that you wish to import into SketchUp?


I’m not sure what the best and fastest thing to do is. I was under the impression that I could load in Google earth in 3D but that doesn’t seem to be feasible. The area is too expansive making it to pixelated. Perhaps this is not an option for me. I’m looking for suggestions.


SketchUp Pro’s feature, Add Location, brings in a terrain model, but no buildings, and a flat snapshot image.
These days, the data is from Digital Globe, as Google pulled support for the feature in SU.
You’ll find the terrain model is only general in nature and the imagery usually low res, as you’ve noticed.

If this campus you speak of is in a major city, you might find building models you can import into SU here:



Here’s another (commercial) option for SketchUp.


Thank you…I will give these a try and see what happens…


You’re welcome @Flash1

Feel free to revisit this thread as you devise a workflow.