New to sketchup, and I hate modal editors

Wrong! You can change the dimensions for the rectangle by typing the desired dimensions.

You can change the units in Model Info.

So drag out a rectangle in the general direction you want, let go of the mouse, type the dimensions as desired using the same separator shown in the Measurements window when you intially dragged out the rectangle.

You could spend a little time learning to use the application at or you could just move on. If you don’t want to be bothered to learn how to use it, no one is holding a gun to your head making you use SketchUp. There are plenty of other options for your hobbyist use.

There are millions of SketchUp users around the world who find SketchUp intuitive and create amazing 3D models with it.


@anwaya the OP is so brilliant with the LISP routines and AutoCAD that I think their shadowing tower of amazingness is blocking out their common sense.

Have you considered that in your greatness you may have overlooked that these simple pheasant tools in SketchUp might work differently?

Assuming you are not some AI generated bullshit poster, and you do want to learn, you can start here:


I was going to write some sort of clever reply but you ain’t worth the effort, SU is one of the easiest most intuitive apps I’ve ever used, I regularly knock out detailed models of entire housing developments or full interiors of houses without any problems whatsoever.

If YOU can’t use something that millions can may I suggest that maybe it’s not the software that’s the problem.


Don’t ‘futz about’ looking for a tool use keyboard shortcuts. Simples.

I’d love to be able to grab some software and be a master immediately but unfortunately that ain’t how life works. No effort in = garbage out to paraphrase a famous saying.

Love your work Sir.

Click rectangle tool. Click with tool. Type rectangle dimensions. Tap enter.

You can type cm, mm, or inch or feet marks to specify length in any system.

And do yourself a favor and just learn the basics before jumping to conclusions. It’s good modeling software.

Wrong! You can change the dimensions for the rectangle by typing the desired dimensions.

Not my experience at all.

I’d like to say to the Sketchup community here that the welcome to a frustrated newbie is underwhelming. So long.

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Well clearly this is not your experience or you would not be here, however your experience is not very much and is uninformed. It is certainly possible to make any shape with precise dimensions on the first try and also possible to change the dimensions of shapes with precision. Achieving this in SketchUp is relatively simple with a little effort put into learning how it works.

It’s unfortunate that you should feel unwelcome here, this is in fact one of the more welcoming and helpful online communities I have ever participated in. And to be fair, you did not present here as a “frustrated newbie” asking for help, you came in making sweeping generalized statements about what SketchUp can’t do which were fundamentally incorrect. The first response you received explained that you can in fact easily do the things you claim are impossible and supplied you with a link to the educational materials that will teach you how to do it. What more could you want? If you want to learn to use SketchUp, you will.


As endlessfix said, you didn’t ask for help, you pointed out your years of experience in other software and why SketchUp is doing it all wrong. I can’t see your exact wording as enough people here flagged your post to get it automatically hidden.

You basically came here and said “I don’t know you and you don’t know me but you’re all wrong and I’m right” I not sure what sort of reception you were expecting.

Go have a look here: and give one of the relevant ‘fundamentals’ courses a go, you’ll be surprised just how easy and remarkably quick SU can be.


Yes, unfortunately flagged and hidden.
But… fortunately I kept a “snippet” of the first post from yesterday and the tone @anwaya used to present himself as a newbie (not the warmest introduction, be warned!):

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“I’m a software engineer.” - I usually write my own Ruby code. Using SU as a graphics display engine, never even touching the mouse to draw. Try that.