New to 2020

Hi there
First time to do this…I have bought into SketchUp Pro 2020 subscribing a month ago…NOT HAPPY!
I don’t seem to have access to paint bucket, my tools don’t let me put up the standard camera shots (top, bottom, etc.) onto my tools, I don’t have the rewind button but have to go to the edit menu each time…

What is going on? I have just spent a whole day trying to do a landscape site plan but unable to even get to the 3D Warehouse!!!

Please help

Paint bucket (materials) is part of the Default tray (accessible by going Window Default tray) keyboard shortcut b.

Standard views come from the toolbar called Views, right click on a toolbar and select ‘views’.

The rewind button, normally referred to as Undo is part of the ‘Standard’ toolbar, also accessible via right click on a toolbar. Keyboard shortcut ctrl+z.

3Dwarehouse is found through Window/3D Warehouse, or its Icon on the large tool set.

Not on my SketchUp 2020…I have found paint brush but I cannot paint anything…it does not respond.
And the standard views will not come up as the usual little houses on my tool bars…
highly frustrating.

I have clicked it and it does not send me there…I had to go through trimble connect…

Show us a screenshot.

here I have drawn a circle and clicked inside to ensure I am painting it…

Then I have gone to paint bucket, selected a colour and clicked on the object numerous times but it will not paint it - with any colour.

Go View/Face Style/ and choose Shaded with Texture.

I also have clicked on 3D Warehouse from the files and it only gives me a

share component
share model

ok will try that

that helped! thanks

As I explained above.


I actually had to go to the toolbars and type in the Undo, etc. in order to place the icons on my toolbars. And I had to sign into Trimble Connect to access the Warehouse…

Thanks again for your help…Cheers