New Surprise for me


Did you know you can drag a link to a SU model directly from a forum thread into the model space of an open (desktop) iteration of SU? New one for me.
You can also drag the link to the SU Icon in the taskbar.


Can you show an example? I tried, but couldn’t drag a link into the model. Maybe it’s a Windows thing because I think it doesn’t work on my Mac…


It’s probably because of your mac personality.:grinning:

I dragged the .skp of these two models from the same thread to an empty model space. One was the op’s model and the one on the right was a model DaveR posted in the thread with some revisions he made.


I never knew you could drag a link into the model. That’s awesome!

By the way, what’s a mac personality?


nevermind…just a little humor


both file get downloaded to the down load folder separately as expected.


Does this not work the same on a mac?


So far as I can tell, no it does not work on a Mac.


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