New style in SU and hybrid mode with transparency in LO

after 10 years working with Sketchup I still have some problems that no matter how much the program evolves in its updates, they persist.

  1. do not work with curves, only with segments of lines

  2. there is no tool to measure curved distances

  3. there is no shading of curved surfaces and transparency combined in the same style (it is as if the hidden line style could be shaded)

4) New style: It would be great if there was a style that would brighten the colors of the materials but not affect the lines. (this would be useful for keeping the color textures of the drawings in the documentation, showing the materials used in Sketchup and saving on printing the documents without affecting the ink quality of the lines in the drawings)

5) In LayOut, Hybrid mode that works with this new style (4) and shows the transparency of materials

Ahh… but there is.

Can you show an example of what you mean? I suspect the problem could be dealt with in the Shadows window with Use Sun for Shading and the Light and Dark sliders.

Any project would serve as an example, but mainly wood-textured furniture, metal-textured sinks, chrome textured faucets, granite countertops, walls covered with ceramic tiles …

This “new style” could have the power not only to “lighten” the colors and textures but could bring the option of making them grayscale … all this to save the price of printing documents without losing the quality of the of the lines ink and at the same time maintain the appearance of the different materials that are applied to the components