New shape alters existing drawing

I am having a weird issue when drawing a 2D plan.
Its hard to explain but when drawing a new shape into a basic plan, in this case a circle,
existing shapes that I have already drawn seem to respond by no longer being a viable object.
The new shape (circle) doesn’t even touch the existing shapes that are responding to it being added.
This never used to happen to me but this keeps on happening in different scenarios and I wonder if I have accidentally changed a setting that I am unaware of.
I have uploaded Drawing 1 (No circle) and Drawing 2 (Includes circle and other shapes have suddenly whited out)
Any help would be much appreciated.

Drawing2.skp (202.3 KB) Drawing1.skp (195.3 KB)

Not sure why the faces disappeared but it is easy enough to restore. Just draw a couple of lines across the gap.

When you finish, you can erase those edges.

What is this thing? I’m wondering if you wouldn’t be better off with a different approach to modeling it.

It would help you to use a Style that’s more easily understood.
The white background makes it difficult (read impossible) to discern a white face from the background.

Then rely on Entity Info to understand what you’re working with

Drawing2_Default Style.skp (196.2 KB)

Of course it’s easy enough to orbit around to see the blue axis where the faces are missing.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes I did realise I can fix with the lines across I just don’t know why it happens.
Also this whole plan is a group and if I explode it and then draw the circle it doesn’t happen.
Not sure why it makes a difference but it does.
Its a foot print for a crazy golf Hole.

Are you planning to make it 3D?

Yes I create a 3D from the plan

Probably easier if you get to 3D earlier in the process. Instead of thinking the whole thing out in 2D, I would start with the perimeter and get a face to make 3D, then add details as I go.

Okay. Thanks for the advice

That’s quite an interesting one. Your shapes must confuse the winding rule that determines what’s inside and what’s outside the shapes. If you move the rectangle so the corner isn’t touching that edge, the faces don’t disappear.

Im not sure what the winding rule is?

I don’t know what SketchUp uses but it might be something like that.