New setup of a rectangle room with an 8 foot ceiling looks squashed


New setup of a rectangle room with an 8’ ceiling looks squashed.
The perspective on my rectangle is coming out wrong. I’m sure it has something to do with how I’m putting in the dimensions. I’m trying to create a room that is the following and using settings:
Model Info - Length Units
Decimal Inches
58 1/4 Inches X 64.75 Inches with a height of 8 foot’


When I use the Tape Measure Tool my dimensions seem to come out properly. But the 8 foot high is displaying 8 foot but it is washed down like it would only be maybe 3 foot.

I also tried the following with the same results, squashed ceiling.
Model Info - Length Units
Decimal Feet


Can you share the model? Upload it using the 7th icon from the left, above where you type text to post.

Note: 58.25’ is 58ft 3in NOT 58 1/4" - it’s twelve times bigger and 64.75’ is NOT 64 and three-quarters of an inch but 64ft 9in.

Your room is very small if it is only 58 1/4" in one direction (less than 5ft) and less than 7ft in the other direction. And very big if it is feet.

What size is it supposed to be, in words?


Yes. I did give you the wrong dimensions. That was a window in the room. But I have made some changes. In Model Info/Units - I went with Decimal Inches. I now have the proper ceiling height but…

  1. It’s an 8’ ceiling.
  2. From the top of the ceiling to the top of the window is the proper 13 inches.
  3. The window is the proper 58.25" height BY 64.75" wide.
    When you add the 13 inches to the 58 1/4 inches it totals to the proper 77 three-quarter inches.
  4. But when you measure from the bottom of the window to the floor the dimension is 18.25" which is improper. It should be a dimension of 24 1/4 inches approximately. But when measured ceiling to floor it is the proper 8’ ceiling.

So there is a discrepancy, 5 1/5", when measuring by an accumulation of dimensions versus measuring straight from the ceiling to the floor.

I will send the image shortly.


Better to upload the.skp file, please.


13 inches added to 58 1/4 equals 71.25 not 77.

Does this have anything to do with the sketchup viewer or it simply a general sketchup question?


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