New PC doesn't hack it



Hi everyone, I am new to the forum

I have just purchased a new PC hoping that it would solve my problem of desk space and would still work well with Sketchup … WRONG !!!

This is my new machine which I am now going to have to sell … HP Pavilion 27-A072A All-In-One Desktop
16 MB Ram
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080
Processor Intel i7 2.8
Graphics card is dedicated 4MB NVIDIA

I have installed sketchup 8 (I prefer this to later versions) and find no matter what setting I use on my new PC the lines are all jaggered and not able to use … I have tried lots of different settings and some slow down Sketchup so much it is unusable but still the lines are jaggered

I don’t want to make the same mistake again, and I am sorry to say it doesn’t seem that an “all in one” can do the job … someone please advise what PC I should consider buying now

Thanks for any advice or help



What version of Windows on this machine?




Spec page says:

Microsoft Windows 10 Home High End (64-bit)

Seeing as how SketchUp 8 M0 was developed in 2010, when most users were still on XP, Vista and Server 2008 (a few brave soles on Win7 or Server 2008 R2,) and the last update in that line, SketchUp 8 M5 in DEC 2012, only a few months after the release of Win 8.0, … we can understand why this version of SketchUp may not run well on any Windows version of 8.1 or higher.

Whenever you first get a new computer, it is necessary to update the drivers, as the machine may have been on the shelf (or in shipment across the ocean on a frieghter,) for quite some time.
I would suggest updating both the Intel Iris graphics driver and the Nvidia GTX 930MX driver.

Here is the latest Nvidia driver from only a month ago:

Then be sure to set SketchUp to use the Nvidia GPU via the Nvidia Control Panel.

Then if you still have issues, try running SketchUp 8 in compatibility mode for an older operating system such as Win 7 (or perhaps earlier if Win10 Home allows.)

But even in Vista and Win7 at the time when v8 was current, there were still issues then, that have been fixed since. (See the application release notes page.)

So, basically, there is no new machine you can buy with a newer operating system that SketchUp 8 will support.

(Rhetorical) How can you expect an application to run on any OS that was developed after the application ?

But really the truth is that your system is perfect for the latest few version of SketchUp, ie 2016 or 2017. You might as well give the SketchUp Make 2017 a trial run. (It’ll run in Pro mode for 30 days, then revert to Make.) You can always backsave models to v8 format using “SaveAs…” in the “File” menu.


Thanks for your comments and help guys, I will certainly try some of the things you suggest

Let you know how it goes



Have downloaded Sketchup 2017, updated the drivers etc but its still the same … I am now sure that its the PC thats not up to the task



But SU17 runs, workspace just doesn’t look nice? Go to Window > Preferences > OpenGL. What is your anti-aliasing setting and can you increase it? Click on the Graphics Card Details button. Does it indicate you are indeed using your Nvidia card?


You know catamountain, I do believe you have solved the problem, it seems to also have solved the problem in Sketchup 8 too

One of the main reasons for wanting to stay with Sketchup 8, if that a lot of my plugins wont work in the newer versions of Sketchup …

Thanks again for your help



Great - so what was the issue - just anti-aliasing or something else?

Plugin-wise, most all plugins have been updated. There have been many nice changes over the years, it’s time to upgrade SU. In SU17, go to Window > Extension Warehouse. Logon and check for some updates there. Those plugins can be managed through Window > Extension Manager. For plugins from SketchUcation, install their ExtensionStore extension to manage plugins hosted there. Other plugins, like those from Smustard, install like you did with SU8, though the directory location has changed.


You should also know that you can install multiple versions of SketchUp on your computer with positive results. You should go ahead and install the latest version of Make and experiment with that. Many new and substantive features have been added or improved since SU 8. Your newer system will more than likely respond affirmatively to the later version of SU and most plugins have been upgraded for the recent versions as well.


Thanks jv, I will do exactly that … I will carry on with 8 and play with the new one until I am familiar with it and see which one I like bet

Knowing I have you guys to fall back on if I get into bother is a GREAT help

Again … thanks to everyone




Tony, you were ambiguous about what the exact solution was.


Dan, I think it was just the anti-aliasing, once I upped the settings in “OpenGL Settings” it seemed to fix the problem

I am so grateful to you guys, I really did think I was going to have to sell it and get something better … phew

I also intend to play with the new version and see if I can come to grips with it … I have been using v8 for a LONG time though … if anyone is interested here is my web site, I do only do this as a hobby as I am now retired



And we knew from your first post that it was a high-end machine, fully capable of handling SketchUp.


Hello again Tony,

I visited your web site and see that you have some interesting plans for building Radio Controlled model planes. Now, I am not the SketchUp police (nor am I an attorney), but I may have misdirected you in my previous post because I advised you to install Make while it appears that you offer some items that are modeled with SU for sale. I’m fairly sure that this would violate Trimble’s Terms of Service for using Make, the non commercial version of the software but it would be consistent/allowable with using Pro.

Please read the following:

"2.2. Special License Terms
2.2.1. SketchUp Make

__SketchUp Make Software is licensed only for non-commercial use for your internal business purposes. Non-commercial use means that you may not sell, rent, lease or lend the output of the Software. Any other use requires the purchase of a SketchUp Pro license. For example, if you are a for-profit organization of any kind, or an employee of a for-profit organization using the Software in that capacity, you are engaged in commercial activity; therefore, in order to use the Software, you must purchase a SketchUp Pro license. Government agencies are considered to be commercial users and must purchase a SketchUp Pro license."_

Here is a link to the SOFTWARE END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT (Trimble SketchUp):

I hope this precludes added confusion.



May be why he prefers v8, as that is still under the old free Google license.


OK Dave…Enquiring minds want to know. What does windows have to do with desk space…is it like the Emperor’s clothes or an alternative fact?


Desk space has nothing to do with the OP’s problem, other than being a reason for buying a new PC.

I answered the question of why Windows version had bearing above:
New PC doesn't hack it


Thanks Dan
I was really hoping that the groundhog would answer.

I remember buying a new PC…it was September or October 1981!


Oh, and here I thot all along it was a lil’ snowman. I guess it is some sort of varmit.