New mouse in the house

I am using a new mouse today in my SU models. A Razor NAGA ,($51)
I have scratched my way long enough to the point where I’m pretty good now.
The mouse has 12 really usable buttons in grid shape at your right hand thumb!
Yep 12. easily assigned to ANY keyboard command. I Probably don’t need to say much more.
I have No CAD history,…and 6-7 months with SU…nothing to unlearn…and I just got Really fast
benefitting from some one’s great idea… it is actually a quality gaming mouse but I don’t game. I went
looking for a mouse to assign a few more buttons to, and jackpot.
You folks might like this a lot…it also fills my palm nice (Oh … 2 more sleek buttons there).
Got me excited enough to sign up to a community…
Cheers Roto

Gaming hardware is often very good for 3d modelling too. My own laptop is gaming laptop that looks as it has been taking steroids with it’s big muscular grill (which by the way isn’t used for the actual air flow but just is an ornament). I’d prefer a computer with a more elegant design but the performance is great!

Yes… Performance counts when you want your actions to be as swift as your brain.
Far less potential frustration also helps to quicken learning. I could have learned much if I
could have examined all those crashes from my old systems. (pretty much joking there)

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