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Screenshot 2021-04-28 9.56.24 AM

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A little trick for making houses with furniture, or whatever you want to make inside the house!

I don’t see how your video shows the trick for making a house with furniture inside.

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Your walls have no thickness. Instead of deleting the face on top, why not use Push/Pull to push that face down? You might also want to pay attention to the dimensions. What you show there is huge!

Oh, i see now!

my pool though…

Screenshot 2021-04-28 10.39.28 AM

Who made this? DaveR?Screenshot 2021-04-28 10.42.27 AM

Your pool doesn’t look big enough to be a birdbath.

As for that adjustable table, I have no idea who made it. It’s not mine.

I think if this were to be real life, this would be a good size comparison.Screenshot 2021-04-28 11.01.29 AM
A lot better than the picture before

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I definitely do not agree with that.
The picture of the table is much better.

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Yeah but you still have no wall thickness.

i cant find something to say

You just did!

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Hmm, I will work on SketchUp again for a bit

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I was talking about the one where the pool was tiny

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