New materials collection on a mac?

Hi. How to create a new materials collection after import a materials document from 3D Warehouse?.

I want to import and create collection from this models Formica Group North America | 3D Warehouse

I know how to do this on a PC. But now i’m on a Mac
On a PC I can import it in a new documents. Then erase the character and purge the Components and the textures. And then clic on the “in the model” button to only see see the textures in my modele. And create a new collection from this.

What is the best way to do this on a mac?


IT works differently the PC version.
Personally, I open a new blank document, create a new list from the ‘list’ dropdown in the materials palette.
Open your document with materials in that you want to save into the new list (you will need to click the ‘home’ button at the top of the palette to show just the ‘colours in model’ for that document. You will now see all the materials.
Double click a material that you want to move to your new list so it is open in the Edit Material section underneath, then select your newly created list from the dropdown at the top, then drag the open material from the Edit Material section into the new list palette.

Thats it. Not particularly intuitive but there it is.
Hope this helps

You can also duplicate the ‘in Model’ list and rename it

I had not thought of this solution. It works perfectly and quickly.
thanks a lot

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