New lience requirement

I have bought and paid for a 3013 version. It appears I must up grade as Trimble doesn’t recognize it any longer. can i get credit for that licence when I purchase a new version

Who sold you a license to SketchUp 3013? It hasn’t been introduced yet.

If you bought a license for SketchUp 2013 you would need to take up any requests for refunds with Customer Service. No one on the forum can or will give you an answer.

Why would you expect to get a refund for a license you’ve had for 4 years or more?

I presume you are attempting to install SketchUp 2013 onto a different computer? Your SketchUp license is permanent on the originally installed machine, but it cannot be used to install on a different one after support has lapsed.

Is this then just a way that Trimble has chosen to add extra cost to to
customer and I can count on this happening at least every 3 years.

And no I am trying to install it on the same computer which failed and is
now restored

The license you bought is for SketchUp 2013. It does not expire. If you pay the annual maintenance fee (~$100) you get continued tech support and you get a license for the next version. You can choose to not pay the annual fee and you can stick with the version for which you purchased the license. Or you can get the new version each year. If you’ve made the decision not to go with the annual maintenance, then after a few yars, you must buy a new license at the full price to upgrade to the current version.

If you are just trying to reinstall SketchUp 2013 pro on your old computer and you have the installer, find the e-mail with your old license info and install that. If you can’t find that e-mail, contact Customer Support directly and see if they can find your old license information for you.


I thought that was only ‘after an upgrade’…

i.e. you can’t move v13 after you upgraded to v14…


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