New laptop, need graphics card suggestions

Seeking advice on best laptop/graphics card to run SU Pro. Have read Intel graphics cards are not good, but that NVIDIA is much better. How about AMD? NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 Ti 4GB GDDR6? or shared - AMD Radeon™ Graphics with shared graphics memory?

That is an integrated graphics solution for AMD processors, equivalent to the Intel ones. I wouldn’t recommend for 3D application use.

This may be controversial, but stay away from HP. Heartfelt advice. I bought the top line 2020 Spectre for £1,700 (wasted money).


It broke. Awful customer service, fixed a load of stuff in the repair place, broke it more by dropping it. Sent it in again and they just broke more ports. A third time I had to pester and pester them for a new laptop. My new one = still broke.

Lots of features on SketchUp don’t work on it, and it’s slow, so yeah.

RAM wise, don’t go below 16GB otherwise performance won’t be great.

Graphics wise, 1650Ti is good :+1:

CPU wise, I mean personally I would only run SU on a i7 or i9.

Are you a Windows only guy? Because if not, a Mac might be worth looking into to juice SU the most.

Hope I helped :blush:

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I have never bought a HP computer myself but I have never had any trouble from the ones that my employers have “forced upon me”.

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The business ones are fine. (I tried SU on one) but I’m pretty sure a) they cost a bomb and b) don’t think you can buy them personally.
Glad to hear you had a good experience Anssi :slight_smile:

Kaidenh, I have Personally owned several HP computers and have had no issues with them.
Remember many of us have underwear older than your personal experience.


:joy: :joy: :joy:

Alright, fair enough Box, I’ll give you that one.

HP doesn’t make the CPU, GPU, memory, drives or operating system for their machines. If sketchup doesn’t run on an HP it isn’t because of the hardware choices, but is more likely a software or user error.

As a Mac user I appreciate this, but someone truly wants to “juice SU the most,” a Mac really isn’t the best solution right now.

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thanks, that is what i thought…

had a number of HP’s over the years, and while desktops ran DataCad alright, I am trying to only use a BIM based software or SU. Going to the Laptop and replacing the desktop altogether.

yes, windows only… thanks

another question- anyone have experience with the INTEL IRiS ? or should i stick with the Nvidia?

^^^^ This right here! :wink:

Question #1: What’s your budget?

A good start: Dell G15 Ryzen with RTX 3050 $699.99
Once home I’d double the ram to 16 gb and get a 512 or 1 tb M.2

That is yet another integrated graphics chip brand name, used in the newer Intel CPUs.

You should stick with Nvidia, or the better types of AMD Radeon cards. I have a Nvidia bias.

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In spring there were posts from people who had problems with Dell laptops with external monitors or USB docks. If these have been sorted out, I understand Dells are quite good machines.

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Good point Anssi and thanks. I’ve never used a dock just plugged in another monitor but I prefer desktops myself.