New iPad Pro: Will It Work with SketchUp?

I think not. Certainly not the pro version. The web versions could conceivably be run on it, but you still need mouse support and the ability to hover the cursor over things without actually clicking, and the interface hasn’t allowed for that. I know mouse support was a thing, but I’m not sure that gave us what’s needed. I haven’t gotten to try an iPad with a mouse as yet.

With accessibility you can hook up a mouse, but that’s about it.
The browser version works, kind of

Not recently it hasn’t. There is code in the page that disables iPad. It works fine on iPhone and Android (at least phones, not sure about tablets).

iPad Pro does work fairly well with Sidecar.

My last gen iPad Pro runs the web version but even with a mouse it just doesn’t work. It’s a shame, my daughters $200 chrome book runs it just fine.


I used only the trackpad on my MacBook Pro to handle SketchUp for years. So I’m not sure a mouse is a necessity. Desirable, yes, but not required. The real question, for me, is whether SketchUp Classic will run on an iPad. I should have made that more clear in my original post.

David, as I understand it, the iPad Pro uses Mac iOS not Mac OS which would mean that desktop versions of SketchUp wouldn’t run on it even without considering user input devices. At least that’s what I’ve seen when looking up the iPad Pro.

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I only use trackpad on my Mac, and I have used SketchUp Classic on iPad using Sidecar, and a mixture of Pencil, keyboard, and touch. So, the iPad as an interface should be able to work, but of course the desktop application is not a native iOS app.

I myself don’t use a mouse on my Mac, I use a Wacom tablet and pen, but regardless of what input device you use, it’s the fact that on iOS there simply is no cursor (the little arrow) that’s always somewhere on the screen, even when you stop doing things and walk away. In SU, it’s important to be able to hover that cursor over things before you click anywhere, but in iOS you can’t. You can only click. The best way to understand it to try launching SU Free in a browser on an iPad (which mostly crashed when I tried it) and struggle with the interface. You can orbit and view stuff, but making anything is just not realistic.

It’s conceivable that an interface layer could be built in between iOS and SU so that there is always some cursor somewhere in the SU window that can be pushed around by touch and drag, and then execute a click by some other gesture, but I doubt the programming effort to pull that off is worth it to Trimble right now.

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That’s what I was afraid of

iPadOS 13.4 introduced mouse and trackpad support

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I tend to live in the future with my version of iOS, and I’m using 13.5. It too does support BlueTooth mouse, but I don’t think I have one of those. I do have BlueTooth Magic Trackpad 2, and that does work fine.

Currently the web version doesn’t work in Safari, but it works well in Chrome. This shows how it looks when using a BlueTooth device. I also have a keyboard, so I was using keyboard shortcuts to select the tools.


My ideal would be Apple Pencil support, but progress is progress.

The current web version does work with Apple Pencil.

Well,…kinda, unless I’m missing something. I have an iPad G6 and 1st Gen Apple Pencil. You still can’t hover the cursor or double and triple click, etc. You can do some things, but not fully functional. Does an iPad Pro, 2nd Gen Pencil or mouse offer any of these?

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The Pencil works like a finger, not a mouse. The BlueTooth support also seems to just make the device act like a finger. I can’t mouse wheel with my trackpad like I can on desktop, though that may be a settings thing I need to find.


Je suis sur IPad Pro 2020 avec souris et clavier

Sketchup fonction sur chrome mai il y un gros problème, il est impossible d’utiliser la molette de la souris pour zoomé et dé zoomé


I’m on iPad Pro 2020 with mouse and keyboard

Sketchup function on chrome there may be a big problem, it is impossible to use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out

no one with this problem

Hi Colin, I have a question regarding using iPadOS with SketchUp’s web version. My architect has sent me a 34MB file model of our home. My goal is to simply open the model and add interior finishes. I am on a new iPadPro 12.9”. When trying to open the file saved in the Files app it is greyed out. Can I accomplish this task using my setup? Is there another suggested solution if not? Thank you for your help.

Not sure about the grayed out issue. If the file is that small they may be able to email it to you, and you can save it as a local file, then open it.

If you have the file on your iPad, you can go to files, click on the file, choose ‘share-icon’, select ‘Open with’ then choose ‘more…’
and finally click on SketchUp Viewer.