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I’ve got a new MacBook Pro and trying to install SketchUp Pro 2017. I enter my license serial number when prompted but then asks me for an authorisation code. Where do I get this?


did you store it in ‘Keychain Access’ or is it still in Mail…

all mine are still in both…


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You normally would go to this page:

SketchUp License Manager

enter a license serial number and the associated email address, then look up licenses. Under each license would be an Email my authorization code button (that is hard to see). Click on that to have your full license sent to you.

But, you bought yours through a reseller, and so don’t have that option. You could contact the reseller (the page includes an email link for them), or you could check the private message I’m about to send to you.

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Thank you. All up and running again. Now just gotta work out Vray!!

What version? Did you have a dongle?
Nowaday’s, Vray has online licensing, which basically means that you have to log in with the right Username or email

Version 3.2 I think. Yes I have a dongle. I’ve downloaded vray for my SK 2017 but failed to checkout v-ray gun license. Any ideas?

I was just reading V-Ray’s upgrade policy, and it seems like you wouldn’t need to pay to get up to version 3.6. There is also this article that may help:

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Most frequent errors:

Downloaded another version then the one you are entitled to.

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All set up now. Thanks for your help guys

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