New here. advice please

Im new and need to design in a small living room hifi rack the products places.
Need to choose places between all product numbers …
Please see pic. .
Any advice how to start will be appreciated.


First of all, draw the available space, including the plinth of the walls, the sockets and any other obstacle.
Then draw the volumes of the products.
If the furniture will be metallic, you must choose your profiles so that it can support the weight of the products.
The height of the empty space, from the ground, should be between 60 and 100 mm.
The positioning of the products is up to everyone. However, you should keep in mind that the most used ones should be accessible quickly.
It is very important that the space for each product has sufficient ventilation to avoid overheating of each of them.
Here is an example: Corp TV - Download Free 3D model by Naidar - InoxArt (@NaidarInoxArt) [104a281] - Sketchfab
living-corp tv.skp (894.2 KB)

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Hi, I’m new here. I’m into architecture, landscaping, and city planning and saw this software as a possible option to help me envision a long-term passion project. My questions are: 1) Can this software keep track of area such as acreage and square footage? 2) Will it let me work with complex circular layouts on a large scale? 3) Does it support color coding organization? If so, I need to ask a professional user of Sketchup on finer detailed questions which aren’t many. Much thanks in advance.

From your questions I think you would be better served to use SketchUp Pro instead of SketchUp Free. It sounds like you need more than the free version will provide. Also, take time to go through the training materials at


If I share a picture of a simple layout, might you be able to help direct me to someone who might be more familiar with the pro version? It’s also out of my budget for the moment.

Go ahead and share your image.

So you want me to direct you to someone who is more familiar with the pro version than I am? So someone who has more than 20 years of experience with it? I’ll see if I can find someone for you.

Are you using it for your hobby or for your work? How will you use the model you create?


It’s a hobby for the moment. I don’t have my own business or anything yet.

That’s an easy enough thing to do in SketchUp. I haven’t found anyone with more experience with SketchUp Pro yet but when I do, I’ll direct them to this thread. This isn’t the sort of thing that should require more than about 20 minutes of experience with SketchUp to do but since you aren’t interested in having me help you, I’ll see if I can find someone who will meet your requirements.

What does that pattern have to do with architecture, landscaping, and city planning?


I appreciate it. This pattern is just an example I’m working with. Honestly, not to look weird or anything, but essentially I’ve had my own Venus project since before I ever became aware of it. I just have a slightly different approach.

I’m utilizing the free courses you mentioned and looking forward to all it has to offer to help me further. Also, I’ll let you help if you pretty much know what I’m looking to accomplish with this software. I don’t want you to feel shood away or anything.

After looking up the definition, is it in a favorable or unfavorable tone? Sorry, I’m just unsure of how I’m supposed to take it. Aside from that, I see you’re familiar with the pro version. How long have you been using it?

I’ll just hop in here so no one has to toot their own horn. The two gentlemen who have responded in this thread (@DaveR and @box) are what we call Sages. They are intimately familiar with most aspects of SketchUp and more than capable of answering any questions you may have.


As Aaron has said, which I would like to further elaborate on,

  1. Dave has been using SketchUp for over 15 Years
  2. He’s Currently Using SketchUp Pro
  3. and has likely stayed up to date for quite a while…
  4. He’s been helping out around here for a long time which can be noted by the fact that 1,500+ of his posts are marked as solutions to people’s problems, and that’s just the ones people have been kind enough to mark.
    bandicam 2022-05-13 22-06-24-788

The sages got you.


As I’m fairly new, I wasn’t aware. Thank you for enlightening me. Other than that, the task I’m facing with my project feels daunting and complex which is the reason behind my condition.

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Are you using these as some sort of grid for placing objects?

Somewhat. If you’re referring to the pattern I shared, it’s essentially the beginning of a floorplan for a city I’ve been designing for some years now and it’s big.

The size is at least a square mile. I’ve got it color coded for what’s where.

Simply put, the answer is “yes” to all of these questions. If you aren’t familiar with sketchup, please trial the software and learn how to use it for a month and see for yourself. The users on this forum can and will answer any questions you have along the way, there’s no doubt about that.


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