New guy in SketchUp QA

It would be fun some time to list the SketchUp staff members who now have a range of important roles, but who all worked in Support at some point. In many cases they were clearly destined for greater things, and Support was bound to be a temporary thing.

In other cases people have been hired to work in Support, with the intention of staying there, but then some opportunity comes up that would be a better use of the person’s skills.

That just happened to me, and today is my first day as a member of the QA team. I will still have access to most of the Support tools I have used in the past, so should be able to answer questions in the forum that clearly need someone at SketchUp to answer. I may need to do more of that in the evening or weekend though, I’m sure the QA team will have plenty for me to do during the day!


So QA doesn’t mean question and answers?


Quality assurance


Yes, that one.

I have spent my time in support (thought not for SketchUp). I started in software as part of QA for a roof truss design software… then I bounced into support, then training, did a brief stint as a barista in an undersea high-security prison, then a little time in sales and finally into marketing, where I get to work now!


Congratulations, I hope you enjoy it!

I think you may have served me a double macchiato…

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