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Hi, I bought Go yesterday to make some gardens. They won’t be heavy files. I created about 12 of my own textures in photoshop and saved them all with the lowest possible quality. I made 12 3m x 3m rectangles and dropped the textures in. Unfortunately Go found this all too much and took a very long time to save, with the message that I should consider upgrading to Pro. I did manage to save the file and downloaded it just in case.
Earlier in the day I spent a while modelling some trellis in different patterns. There were 3 1800 x 1800 panels when I had finished. Unfortunately this file did not save properly and again I got the error message to upgrade. When I went back into the file later it had only saved much earlier, so I lost all the work.
Please understand that spending £112 is not an insignificant sum, even though it is the lowest entry level service available with scaleable textures. There should be a disclaimer on Go outlining its limitations, which in my case were hit immediately.
There is no real substitute for Sketchup that I know of. I want to use it with custom textures and cutouts. I have got a long way to go yet before I have a garden model / images I can show to people so I need to software to be reliable.
Please let me know about upgrading to Pro, such as paying the difference or getting a refund for Go and then paying for Pro - whichever works out the cheapest.
Also please note I have a brand new expensive desktop PC which is more than capable of running Sketchup. The internet connection is a bit slow but it is reliable. The Skp Go file of my imported textures was 30MB. Is this too big? What was the problem? Go should not hang as if it is about to crash, if it is saving across a slow but reliable connection. It could show a large notification on the screen stating the file is being saved with a progress bar, and to be patient and not allow us to press any buttons until saved. And disclose the problems and limitations before buying Go. Another factor about the price is that the published price is before VAT and VAT was added on without showing me the actual figure to be debited, so my receipt is for 20% more than I thought. Pro is over £300 and will be subject to the same 20% VAT uplift.
OK I am on this journey now and will continue, so I need to upgrade to Pro. But first please provide some kind of acknowledgement of the issues raised. Many thanks

wait, 30mb per texture file ? if so, that’s a big texture file. even 30mb for 12 textures can be considered big, depend on what’s on the texture

the thing about sketchup Go is, it’s browser based. meaning that your browser will bottleneck all performances your PC can give. you could have a NASA computer with a 10TB connection, chrome, safari or firefox have their limits.

Right now it’s quite difficult to give an educated answer from your description, could you provide us one (or more) of the photoshop textures you made? or the 12 texture file ? there might be some optimisation there.
As for the saving time, yeah, slower connexion means slower saving time, because it need to upload everything.

But without having a look at files, it’s mostly supposition. :slight_smile:

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It’s possible that you made the images at 300 dpi, and that could lead to quite a huge image. The amount of compression in the image doesn’t affect the memory that is needed, it’s only the number of pixels there are. Not sure what units your 1800x1800 is, but if that is what Photoshop calls pixels, and it’s 300 dpi, that is around 56 million pixels worth of data.

Internally SketchUp scales images down to 4096 across. Also, you can get away with much smaller images. When they are applied to a surface and viewed in 3D, they should still look ok.

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