New... Facebook/Twitter/SketchUp choice Sign IN

I hate the new… Facebook / Twitter / SketchUp choice Sign IN everytime.

I have no Facebook acct (never will.) The last thing I’d ever do is waste time reading to silly “tweets”, so no I do not have a Twitter acct, either.

Where is this “Remember this choice” checkbox ?

Why would anyone think we’d want another button to push every time we log in ?

( :hand: spank )


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I do not feel right closing a site without logging out. (Much less shutting down while still logged in places.)

I feel it opens up the possibility of some hack spoofing me and getting access to my account while I’m away.

I use the “with SketchUp” option to log in. When I log out, it seems that under Windows 7 and 8.1 Chrome behaves differently: Win 8.1 leaves me logged into my Google account, whereas win 7 doesn’t visibly do that (but if I log in again later, the system logs me in without asking for my password…)

So I am, like Dan, feeling a bit worried…



Can we have a URL link to log in with SketchUp ? (…to use for a bookmark url in my Chrome dropdown menus.)