New engine VS old engine - Bold and jitter lines

Hi there.

I’m testing the new engine, which looks pretty good in terms of performance. But in terms of display quality, it’s a disaster.

The lines are very jagged (even with AA 8x) and they also look thicker.
It’s really unpleasant to work on the new engine. Everything is less clear, less visible, less sharp.

Is there a particular reason for this? Is there something I need to change or find out about?

After a lot of testing, I’ve come to the conclusion that the problem lies with the resolution and size of the screen.
The number of Pixels Per Inch (PPI) has a major impact on the quality of the lines displayed with the new engine.
The start of the discussion and the images posted therefore look completely different depending on the PPI displayed by your screen.

EDIT 2 > Elmtec-Adam found the source of the problem :

well either you mislabelled your images, or I strongly disagree with you.

looks better on the image named “new” (on the left)

yes. it was openGL and it’s now either Metal or DirectX12.

naturally, different engines will have different ways of dealing with similar things, and while some people might feel gain, some might feel a loss.
It’s years ONE of the new engine. It’s only been 6 weeks.
openGL (old engine) has been there for 24 years. you can expect an adjustment period.

Please fix your profile. LAST is an old company, it’s not the version of sketchup you’re using.
and LAST is also not an os. I’m guessing you’re on a PC, but I shouldn’t have to guess…

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Open the image in real scale.
Check the vertical lines.
They are almost fused on the new engine. And they are way thicker and alliased.


the lines are thicker indeed. but the higher the AA, the thicker the lines.

and again,

but frankly, looking at your images in real scale, I prefer the left one. the right one has places where the lines are almost missing. but that’s a question of taste and habits I suppose. off course, after years of seeing lines a certain way…

I’m not here to talk about preferences.
If your like strong alliasing and thicker lines it does not means it’s a better rendering.

But when you are working on a file and you zoom out the lines are fusing together and you have far less visible details. Also the alliasing is very strong even @AA 8x. Wich is not great when your are moving / rotating.
The rendering is way better on the old engine @4x (and even better @8x)

The image on the right (first post) to me looks like AA is turned off.

One method I use to getting finer-appearance in edges is to make them slightly grey, rather than 100% black.

Though I would recommend also checking your graphics display properties, since the GPU can introduce a lot of Quality/performance settings that may affect SketchUp. You may have disabled those for SU2023, but not SU2024.

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you kinda are though… the thickness change is a fact, whether you mind it or not is a matter of taste.

I’m using 00x on both mac and PC. the lines are a bit thicker on both, less on mac I’d say. Metal might be doing something closer to openGL.
I don’t mind the aliasing when working, at all. it’s a matter of preference again I guess.

several persons noted this before you, and like I said, this is only the first year, the first version with the new engines. there is room for improvement.
But if you expect a solution right now today, beyond turning off the new engine, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed…

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It’s NOT.

2 images are @AA8X

Now check thses screens 2 images are @AA4X

I dont think the new one is cleaner or more precise than the old one.

I dont expect a solution today.
But I expect some improvements soon…

yes that image shows it better - the edges on the left look overall thicker, almost as if Profiles are turned on. but the edges on the right look like they are more pixelated and jittery.

Maybe the 2024 engine is optimised for higher res displays - what’s your monitor res? have you looked into the graphics properties yet?

FWIW I’ve been actively hiding edges on smaller components in my models - such as your small details such as bricks or the filigree panels. Try the new Ambient occlusion style.

Yes, that’s the point.
When you turn off the jitter lines you don’t want to work with thick black alliased lines…

It almost seems like the new engine is rendering at a lower resolution.

Ambiant occlusion is not so usefull for me because i’m using realtime render engine on a second screen.

I think both of yours look off to be honest.

1200% zoom here on mine - the edges are nice and even.
New Renderer

In your old renderer image
you’ve got some unusual stepping patterns here that I would expect to see if there was some kind of additional scaling that has been done - either by (photoshop?) or your graphics setup.

Are you joking ?

I did not scaled anything.

I posted these images because i noticed some unusual stepping patterns.

That’s the reason why i’m here.

BTW the difference between the 2 renders is even more noticeable when I watch my screen.
Screenshots are somehow blurried.

Show us the 2 renders side by side my friend @ different scales.
because I can also draw random lines on photoshop an say “look it looks good”.

Don’t be so rude when people are trying to help.

I’m saying that they both look wrong.
You are saying one looks wrong.

That suggests there is something up with your setup on the whole and it’s not a new engine only thing.


What’s looking wrong ?

I’m prefectly fine with the old render.
everything is smooth and detailed. Lines are less alliased and more smooth.
The level of details is also better on the old render.

This is not normal.

nor is this

Both images from your “old” render images.

I think you’ve got something ugly going on here - perhaps hardware/OS/driver related.
You may prefer it looking less wrong in the old engine, but it shouldn’t look like that either and I think if you find the root cause it will look better regardless of old/new.

If you have a model you can share, I’m happy to see how it renders here.

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It’s worth noting that, while both engines are different, monitors and graphic cards are different too. I use quite a few monitors connected in different ways and each has its idiosyncrasies. The one I previously worked most on displays the new engine poorly but an older one shows it perfectly while actually mirrored.

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Nothing is wrong.

Lines shouldn’t look like that…

Just open a random model you’ll see the difference.
Rendering quality has nothing to do with the model.