New desktop computer



I am building my new desktop computer for Windows 10. I habitually use Sketchup and Vray. Sometimes Lumion, shapespark and others renderers. Which processor do you think is better Intel i7 i8700k or AMD Ryzen 2700x?



Comparison at

The Intel, although having 2 fewer cores (6 vs 8,) has a higher single thread rating, higher boost speed, higher price (20…30 dollars on avg,) and lower power consumption.

The Ryzen has no integrated graphics but I would not factor that in anyway as I’d use a discrete high performance graphics card anyway. (I’d never rely upon any of Intel’s integrated graphics APUs.)

Each have 2MB of cache per core (so the Ryzen has more total,) but the Intel uses a SmartCache where all cores can share any of the cache (they say.)

The Ryzen supports a bit faster DRAM max (2933MHz vs 2666MHz.) The Intel supports up to 64GB DRAM total, whilst the AMD specs do not say. Both support 2 channels max.

Personally, for only 20-30 bucks difference, I’d pick the Intel.

The Intel also supports Optane memory if that is at all important to you.