New computer and cant submit a support ticket without license number

I can’t bring up Sketchup to get my license, so I can’t get help from support without it. I am trying to download the program I had a computer crash and built a new one. I try and use my email address to log in and I I forgot my password. I selected reset password, it sends me an email. I select the link and enter my email and it refuses my email as invalid and wont reset the password. Its a circle to nowhere.

I would suggest putting in a request with Customer Service. Unfortunately none of us will be able to sort this out for you. It’ll take someone in Customer Service.

I cant submit to customer service because of the circle… cant call… I was hoping a rep would monitor the forums and be able to help.

Unfortunately I don’t believe any of the customer service staff monitor the forum.

I see… sorry, I was trying main support where the license is required. thanks!

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So you can fill out the form at the link I gave you? That’s good.

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