New account not working

I have signed up for a trial of the software but no products are showing in my account??

Is this a fault or is my computer too old (would expect them to be there but not open if sotfware/computer was to old

There is something unusual about your account. You don’t have any products, and you’re also not admin for your account. At least, not with the email address.

Try installing SketchUp from here:

Copy the SketchUp 2023 folder to Applications, eject the disk image, then open SketchUp from inside Applications/SketchUp 2023. In the welcome screen, sign in. That should start the 30 day trial.

Thank you for your advice i’ll try the link you sent…

Could my computer be the problem?
Its a late 2012 iMac with a 3.2GHz quad core intel core i5, 32GB RAM, Geforce GTX 1GB graphics card and 1TB HD
I was hoping I could trial the software and if it meets my needs I’ll most probable update the Mac to an M1/M2 chip model… just need to trial it first!!

Could be.

Your profile says you are using Mac OS 10.15.7. If you look at the System Requirements for SketchUp 2023 you’ll see you need Mac OS 11 or newer.

Thanks again for your help I now have access to account and products, as I said if this software will do what I need then I will sign up and also get a newer computer

With that in mind can this software easily do the following -

2D plans with scale bar and measurements shown (Planning application for a new build)
3D rendering
Site plan

I’ve looked at lesser apps and they seem to be able to do basic line drawings in 2D, 3D modelling but cannot do elevations, scalar, etc

That would best be done in Layout, it is a standalone program included in SketchUp Pro.

That would require an additional rendering program. There are many, also free ones.