Nested components reappear as new instances


I am working on a project that would be a “building game”. The final goal is to start playing in an empty file, and start using components as building blocks to create the structure you want (like playing lego).
The building blocks you will use will be components of course, that you can select from a folder. That would be the final product. Those "block "components would be made of “core” components (nested within), so that as I work on the project, when I make a change to a core component, it changes all the core components of the same instance, even within other “block components”. I need this for painting especially, or changing my mind on a layer I want to use etc.

So, here is my current issue (sorry for the long intro, I am having trouble explaining myself, this is complex and I have been using Sketchup since recently).
When I add a “block” component to my project, the nested “core” components are sometimes new instances of that component, and may or not have the recent changes I made to the original core component.

Since I noticed this issue, I tried a few measures to solve the it:
_ I started a new file called “component work” and I make sure all component creation, saving and nesting is done in that same file (in case it is relevant).
_ Whenever I make changes to a core component, I make sure I do not explode it and redo it, but I nest in, change, and then save as.

Here are some ideas of what I think may be the problem, but I want to check with you guys before I start changing things again:
_ I do rename core components sometimes as my work advances for organisational purposes.
_ Maybe it is just not possible to achieve what I want. I have to accept that if I want to change a core component, I will have to later, manually, replace them in the block components where they are used since it will not be done automatically.
_ My “core” components and “block” components are kept in separate folders.
_ I always use the components from the folders they are saved in, instead of the “In Model” option in the component window.

Anyways, that is my story. Thanks for listening.

I think it best to upload some example components

SM44 forum upload .skp (1.0 MB)

Hi pcmoor, good point. Here is an example. I put 1 block component with 2 core components. I am 100% sure (as I was already trying to solve the issue) that I first made the core components, and copy pasted those to make the block component. And when I was done and saving, I made sure they were the same instances by checking in the Entity Info window how many core components were in the drawing. So they were the same instances when file was saved.

The same component from different sources can trigger the unique call. Still need to figure how nested components can do the same.

The components are saved to a folder and you excess them from there. I recommend you open the second pane on the component tray and use drag and drop to place and update your components

With the U turn there are obvious material differences which means different components.
As for the ramp? I don’t know…still trying to produce same, no luck, other than a location change (which would show in the source path on edit)

I have set a full tray for components, then open the second pane via the top icon (square with arrow under) then found the folder “toy game” in the second pane, use home tab in first, “in model”, to drag and drop new components and updates.
Care should be taken when creating new from existing as making unique, rename is not enough as it will still retain its source path; so right click saveas for cannibalized parts.

Plus I would populate the file from the second pane only, they being the latest, if result not as expected the a right click “reload” will show the latest.

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Wow, this second pane on the component tray makes a lot of sense. I can’t believe I missed that. Will try doing it that way. Thanks a lot!!!
Will follow the advice for saving as well, makes sense.
Thanks for the effort!

note, as per components, materials have a second pane too, you may create you own selection with specific orientation and scale, if required, and follow same

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