Nested Component file paths for collaboration

I work for a company that builds prefabricated ADU’s (accessory Dwelling Units)

I am trying to set up a system within our office to allow multiple people to work on a single project. Some of us work on Windows Machines and Some On Macs. All of our files are stored on Google Drive.

I have created a “master” model that we use to set up scenes for Layout. Within the master model I have created a number of “component” models of the major parts of our system (eg: foundation, shell, bathroom, kitchen etc.) . These models also contain many nested components. I manage the whole thing with “Eneroth Reference manager” which works well on my machine.

The problem I am having is that the file paths for all of the components and nested components are “absolute” based on my machine so no one else is able to use “enroth reference manager”. Is there a way to change these file paths to be “relative” so that reference manager will work for all of us?