Nervous buyer

I’m looking to purchase a Sketchup subsription. Is there a way of buying directly from Trimble and getting support from them in the UK?
To start with I’ve got a technical problem. My account is created, but when going through the purchase process, I’m asked to fill in some account details, this page throws an error saying; ‘There was a problem registering your company. Please try again. If the problem persists, please contact our support team’. The words support team are a link to the Trimble support page.
Now, when I contact support I get an email from a company called Elmtec, who suggest purchasing through a reseller called cadsoftwaredirect. I’ve got no idea who they are. Are they really able to resolve an account problem with Trimble?
A nervous buyer here.

Perhaps @colin from Trimble can provide guidance?

Hi @jinglebells
CadsoftDirect are an Authorised Sketchup UK reseller and SketchUp Authorised training centre - Elmtec are the sole Distributor for SketchUp in the UK + Ireland.

Both Elmtec and the UK reseller network provide UK timezone support by phone and email for customers here on this side of the pond.
You will get forwarded to us here if you fill in a form on the trimble/sketchup site and we direct you to an appropriate reseller.
We can’t help you with triyng to purchase via the trimble, but purchasing via an Authorised resller bypasses those issues, is sometimes cheaper and you have phone support here in the UK+ireland.

If in doubt of legitimacy (sensible!) you’ll find a list of Authorised resellers on the SketchUp website
SketchUp Partners | SketchUp

Feel free to call or email us at Elmtec (listed in that page) or any one of those authorised resellers if you have any questions.

kind regards, Adam
Elmtec UK

My guess is that Adam is right!

I wonder if jinglebells chose options to do with being tax exempted, or something on those lines? Elmtec are likely to know what the issue is.

Quite possibly.
I don’t know what the trimble shopping account setup is (I assume it’s the normal TID + an address) , but Trimble are big enough they will always charge VAT (20% sales tax) to to a UK customer.

Typically If customers have an exemption, they claim it back from the government after they’ve paid it - it may be that the Trimble website has other bits setup for other countries where the VAT isn’t charged and perhaps this is causing some confusion or creating these error messages as it isn’t applicable?

Thanks everyone. I think I understand the business model a bit better now.
Still not sure why the Trimble form doesn’t like me though, the company name is not even a mandatory field. I suppose it must be to do with being in the UK and not supporting tax, or something like that?
I do like SketchUp, but I’m only an occasional CAD user. The reseller prices are higher than direct from Trimble and I’m not to comfortable spreading my data across, potentially three companies for one service.
I’ll take the opportunity to see what else is out there.
Could be back with a tail between my legs, as they say.

The price via the reseller is usually the same - some resellers actually sell below the RRP also, so it can often be slightly cheaper.


£240 + VAT via this particular reseller

Purchasing via a reseller gives you someone to call in your own time zone at when you need help or are experiencing technical issues.