Need upgrade to my Nvidia graphics card GeForce GT 420M to version 3.0+



I am running windows 10 Home version 1709 with Intel and Nvidia graphics cards.
I cannot buy a license nor install Sketchup PRO until I upgrade my graphics card somehow
I have updated all the graphics drivers via the internet
My OS build is 16299.431
my computer is DELL XPS with I5 M460 2.53 GHZ

Please advise on how to proceed.
joe LaCava


What is your actual problem? For the latest Nvidia driver, if not available by Dell, go to, download and install.

The latest driver seems to be version 391.35 from late March.
Once installed, open the Nvidia control panel (right click on your desktop) and check in the 3D application settings that SketchUp is set to use the Nvidia card.


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