Need to lower rails on existing workbench model and have the mortises on the legs move with the rails

I’m new to SketchUp. I am using SketchUp Pro, and have read SketchUp Success for Woodworkers. I am using the attached workbench model which is a derivative of a Fine Woodworking plan I found online.
Compact Sturdy Potting Bench.skp (257.5 KB)
I’d like to lower the upper rails to allow space for drawers underneath the top. But when I try to do this using various combinations of Move and Scale tools, either the scaling is wrong or the mortise holes in the legs don’t move with the rails, How do I lower just the rails and the mortise holes at the same time without changing the other dimensions? I’ve consulted online help and ChatGPT, but haven’t yet unlocked the secret. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or pointers!

Did you start with the model I made or did you model it from scrratch?

The Scale tool is not suitable for what yu want to do. Move the upper rails down as needed. Then open the leg component for editing, drag a left to right selection around the mortises (working with X-ray Face Style makes this easier) and move the mortises down be the same disstance. For the middle posts, open the component for editing, drag a left to right selection window around the top of the post and again move it down with the Move tool.

In SketchUp you can’t move the rails and the mortises at the same time.

Here’s an example of what I described.

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Wow, you make it look easy! Yes, I started with the model you had and just removed the vise parts. I’ll try that and let you know how it turns out. Thanks for the quick response!

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Good deal. Cool idea to use it as a potting bench.

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Hi Dave,

I was able to replicate your suggestions and update the drawing for my potting bench solution. I abandoned the drawers and just put in shelves. Here’s the updated drawing, FYI. Thanks again for the help!
Compact Sturdy Potting Bench v2.skp (303.3 KB)

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Good choice.

Looks like you resized the tenons for the side rails kind of strangely. The through mortise is square and smaller that the tenon. Was that intentional?
Screenshot - 11_24_2023 , 9_24_46 AM

I would expect you could remove the front middle post if you wanted. I expect the bench will be strong enough.

It would be cool if you could share photos of the completed bench.

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@DaveR has it covered for native tools, but for Plugins, this is the kind of edit I use Stretch by Area for. It performs all those edits in one single move operation.


Thanks for the feedback. No, did not mean to resize the mortise and tendon, just wanted to move them to the right spot, which is what I thought I did. Hmmmmm…

It looks like you resized the tenons on those rails. They are square in the original model.

Right, that’s what I thought. Let me try again.

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I figured out what happened. I pulled up the side rails to match the height of the front and rear rails, but in doing that it resized the tendon as well, which was an unintended consequence. Any suggestion on how to change the height of the exposed part of the side rail without changing the tenon?

Open the rail for editing and use the Line tool to add an edge to define a new shoulder. Do it at both ends and use Push/Pull to extrude the top face of the rail up.
Screenshot - 11_24_2023 , 12_06_28 PM

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Thanks, will try that. I also eliminated the middle posts as you suggested.

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