Need to know whether I can use sketchup on Samsung DM65E-BR

I have smart board touch screen 65 inch touch screen Samsung DM65E-BR. How can I use it to design in Sketchup?
Please advice any one.

This seems to only be a screen? You need computing power with dedicated graphics to run SketchUp, also see the SketchUp hardware and software requirements on their appropriate webpage. Apart from that, I don’t think SketchUp has an interface that is touchscreen friendly, you’ll probably end up using it as a screen only.

Thanks Julia for a help. there is a cpu also incorporated in the screen and it has its own windows software. moreover there is some provision mentioned in its website that to attach a smart tab and to use touch screen on big panel there is a need to connect through front panel usb slot… But I am confused what output from PC would be used for that purpose

[quote=“nuttcracker74, post:3, topic:122097”] it has its own windows software

I don’t think there is windows software on that thing. The spec’s state:
Operating System
Samsung Proprietary OS(VDLinux)