Need to downgrade to 2015 but no link

I just upgraded from make 2015 to 2016 and was about to try the renderer Maxwell. Oops. Maxwell doesn’t work with 2016. I need to go back to make 2015. But there are no download links for previous versions of make (just pro.) There are some external download sites like softonic that have it but they are all known for bundling adware or worse. Does anyone know of a trustworthy source for make 2015 or better yet, is there an internal link I just haven’t found yet. Otherwise I’m screwed until maxwell gets around to supporting 2016.

Did you actually uninstall SU2015? If you didn’t, it should still be on your computer.

If you did uninstall it, you can get it from here: Download All | SketchUp

See this answer too, where someone shows how to copy the 2015 Maxwell files into 2016, to then use them in 2016:

Unfortunately for the OP, the url does NOT offer a link to go back to Make 2015. Hopefully, he did not uninstall 2015.

The Make versions aren’t offered after they are superceded by a new version.

I’m not sure you realise that you can just “Save as” and drop a version.